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Covid-19 registration

Registration Covid-19

We remind passengers to complete and print the Covid-19 form prior to arrival at Leon MBA International Airport.

A COVID-19 registration form must be completed by passengers to enter Gabon. You can register online at the following address:


All passengers traveling to Gabon must present a negative PCR test carried out no more than 72 hours before arrival (note that the date of the sample is the one that serves as a reference for validity).

We would also like to inform you that all passengers arriving on an international flight in Gabon must undergo a mandatory COVID-19 test on arrival.

The cost of this test has been set by the Gabonese authorities at 20,000 CFA, preferably payable online at this link: https://www.libreville-aeroport.com/en/covid-registration/ or upon arrival at the airport.

1. Any unvaccinated traveler from another country will be required to:


2. Any traveler who has been vaccinated and has a vaccination card or a Covid-19 health passport will be required to. :

He will also be exempt from the 5-day quarantine.